Elevation Ally helps college women supercharge their careers and make more money.

Our mission is to eliminate the negotiation gap and empower college women to pursue their dreams. We provide college women with career coaching services and products that can help them become future leaders. We help them find a career that matches their interests, streamline the application process, ace interviews and negotiate lucrative employment packages that advance their careers. Elevation Ally isn’t just for college women ― it’s also for organizations and brands catering to them. Whether you want to land a high-paying job to boost your career, elevate your audience with Elevation Ally’s help, or have your brand top of mind with college women, we can help.

Arlena has driven results for thousands of college women worldwide...

“Arlena has been an integral part of my professional development experience. She wakes up at the crack of dawn to coach me all the way in Europe, no matter the time change. I’ve learned so much throughout my work with Elevation Ally, personally and professionally. Arlena has helped me find a new level of confidence and empowerment. For this, I am forever grateful!”

Emily Mullins,
Assistant Account Executive at Ketchum

“Arlena’s advice and counseling have been exceptional in my professional and personal development. Her wisdom, care, and attention to detail have guided me along my path to finding a fitting career. I strongly recommend Arlena for anyone in need of help moving forward in their career!”

Ashley Dunning,
Consultant Engineering Intern at FM Global LA Ops

“Miss Arlena has been very helpful in mentoring and guiding me through my application process for my first job out of university. As a former recruiter, she shares the invaluable insight of a recruiter’s mindset and how to go from a student to a professional applicant. Thank you for your continuous support, Miss Arlena!”

Margaux Gjurasic,
Consulting Program Advisor at Community Systems Foundation

“All I can say is WOW! I just did a speed coaching session, and I don’t know that I’ve ever been so productive and been left so hopeful after 20 minutes of productivity in my life.”

Elizabeth Cuzzupoli,
Creative Features Intern at Legendary Entertainment

“Elevation Ally gives me the confidence to reach for the stars. Being a student at a highly competitive university, it is easy to get lost in comparing myself to everyone else around me. However, with Arlena’s guidance and encouragement, I am ready to take on life after college and my dream job!”

Auril Maxwell ,
Deal Advisory, Data Analytics Intern at KPMG & 2022 KPMG Hire

“I often reflect on myself before embarking on my journey with Elevation Ally and marvel at how much I have learned about the details of career building, the transferable skills I have gained, and the positive changes I have undergone. Elevation Ally has changed my perspective, and I will never look back.”

Jamila Jacob,
Global Communications Specialist & Consultant

“Arlena helped me secure 6 job offers and made sure that I did not miss out on any opportunities that I had worked so hard for. She is a pleasure to work with and always has the best interest of her clients in mind. I can’t say enough about what a positive impact she had on my life!”

Lorien Bandhauer,
Consultant at Deloitte

“Little did I know I would get so much more out of career coaching with Arlena; not only did I learn about resume building, interviewing, self-presentation (and so much more), but it also gave me the opportunity to build relationships with other ambitious college women inside of The Careerisa Society. Now I can experience everything the amazing Careerisa Career Coaching System offers, and I am excited to see what it has in store for me!”

Constantine Gabella,
UC Berkeley Psychology and Social Welfare BA Graduate

“Arlena helped me conquer the challenges I faced regarding interviews and job applications. She helped me not only secure an amazing internship but further helped me land my full-time job with Zurich, North America. She created a safe space and helped me with my resume, mock interviews, one-on-one guidance, and more. I am forever grateful for her ― I will forever remember the advice and guidance Arlena has given me!”

Sammy Furlan,
Large Casualty Underwriter at Zurich North America

Elevation Ally is proud to be an ally for college women and brands who want to be top of mind with college women.


Take your career to the next level and reach new heights faster.

Arlena Jackson, Founder of Elevation Ally, created the Careerisa Career Coaching System to help college women instantly eliminate fear and gain the confidence needed to rock their resumes, ace their interviews, and land their dream jobs.

The Careerisa System covers everything from starting the application process to managing and accepting the perfect offer.

Thousands of college women have been offered high-paying jobs thanks to Careerisa. Specifically, the coaching service focuses on careers and has been positively rated 97% by over 2,500 college women, including over 3,000 offers made to college women previously mentored by the Careerisa Career Coaching System.

It’s time to live the life you’ve always wanted. Close the negotiating gap, accept a position you love, and earn the money you deserve. Your future is only one click away.


Spread powerful messages that shape the leaders of tomorrow.

Before founding Elevation Ally, the #1 Career Coaching & Consulting Agency for College Women, Arlena Jackson spent 20 years as a successful communications executive, working for brands like IBM, NASA, Emerson, and Salesforce.

With 20 plus years of experience as a global communications executive, professional speaker, and career coach, Arlena is a sought-after keynote speaker, workshop presenter, and panelist for academic environments and businesses with a focus on careers, leadership, wom en at work, and workplace success.

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Tap into a network of career-focused college women.

Elevation Ally partners with and adds value to colleges, universities, college women’s groups, associations, sororities, and brands that offer benefits to college women.

By partnering with the right organizations, students can take advantage of a wealth of job opportunities and networking events before they even leave campus. And the best part? It’s surprisingly easy to get started. Learn more by clicking below.

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