4 WAYS TO JUMPSTART YOUR CAREER: Embrace the Confidence Code

New Post! Jump Start Your Career: Embrace the Confidence Code
We close out this series with a look at how to assess your own skills, and to make an action plan that has you oozing confidence.

Jump Start Your Career: Embrace the Confidence Code

Up to now, this series has talked about ways you can connect with other people to get the job you want. Now let’s look at the most important piece of the puzzle (and probably the hardest) — you.

You know by now that your dream job requires a certain set of skills. The question is: do you have them? And if you don’t, are you on your way to getting them? The best way to get a clear picture of your skills — and where you need to improve — is to do a self-audit. Write down the skills you’ll need for the job you want. Then write down what you’ll need to do to excel at all of them.

Some of them might take a lot more effort than others (a specialized education track, for instance), but some you can start on right away. You might be able to hone your skills through volunteering, or take a workshop to learn a specific skill, for instance.

And don’t forget your “transferable skills” — things you’ve learned through other experiences that you can use in the job you want. Things like time management, which you’ve probably had to master at school, or interpersonal skills, which you can develop during summer jobs, volunteer positions, or group projects.

Once you have a better grasp of your skill set, and an action plan to strengthen the areas you need to, you’re putting the “confidence code” into action. You’ll feel more confident in yourself, so when someone in your network — or someone in that interview you’re going to win — asks you to rate yourself at x, y or z, you can answer without hesitation.

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