In Her Own Words: Chrystal Shares How Elevation Ally Helped Launch Her Career

A motivated college woman is always keen on finding ways to secure the right opportunity. Whether it be with an internship or a full-time position, reaching and fulfilling the role of your dreams can sometimes feel like an elusive feat.

Preparing you for unknown variables (such as COVID-19) that we can and cannot identify is what we thrive on at Elevation Ally. Building upon your confidence, drive and hunger can help carry you through your job search and tough tiered interviews. Our latest success story comes from Chrystal Omotunde, someone who worked hard, put in the time and came out on the successful side of her search. We learn from Chrystal how her fear diminished after completing our Career Launch Program.

In Her Own Words: As told by our client Chrystal Omotunde

As a college woman in my senior year, I thought I was doing everything imaginable to secure a job. I attended networking events, created a professional LinkedIn account and updated my resume. Jumping into my spring semester, I was hungry for success. It would be a long process, but I had to learn to work through my fears and become a massive motivator for myself. Enamored by Arlena’s drive, presence and willingness to make me better and get the job I deserved, we worked together seamlessly. The job application and interviewing process was tedious, but Arlena was my rock through every step of my journey.

Arlena and Elevation Ally made me think outside of the box in ways I truly did not think about before. Arlena’s honesty and direct approach made me realize the job hunt was not just about the resume, but everything else accompanied by it; the energy, effort and resilience. My future aspirations include being a businesswoman running my own company. I want to help other women be confident and successful, with my legacy impacting the lives of those whom I’ve touched in my workplace and personal life. Therefore, being resourceful and armed with the attitude to forge forward, I know I’m bound to achieve my goals and more on the horizon.

I remember being excited when I received my final interview and sad when it didn’t pan out. However, Arlena helped me through it all and I was able to bounce back, finish job prospecting strong and that means the world to me. Arlena taught me so much during the Career Launch Program. To take rejection as a form of encouragement, to remain professional from day one in the workplace and how to be confident in everything I do. All the above has assisted me in helping myself, as well as my peers, in ways that didn’t seem possible without Arlena’s help.

I would 100% recommend Arlena and Elevation Ally to everyone. Arlena will guide, uplift and encourage you to show up and be your best self. What you will be receiving is more than simply help on your resume. You will truly learn about how to bring your ‘A game’ to the workforce. As I go into the fourth month at my new position, I have already received two back-to-back awards for my hard work and dedication. I’ve built a great working foundation with my managers and teammates and although I’m not looking for employment, I remain hungry in my new line of work. I cannot thank Arlena enough for her personalized coaching and kind spirit.



Arlena Jackson, MBA is an international career consultant, writer, keynote speaker and leadership trainer dedicated to the advancement of emerging young women worldwide. Considered the “career whisper” for early career professionals and emerging leaders, Arlena founded Elevation Ally after spending nearly 20 years in various executive roles where she led global communications teams with IBM, NASA, Emerson and Salesforce in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Arlena is a sought-after keynote speaker, workshop presenter and panelists with high schools, universities and companies on careers, leadership, women at work and success in the workplace. For more information, email and connect with Arlena on TwitterFBLinkedIn and Instagram.