A Mother’s Reflections on her Daughter’s Career Awakening Journey with Elevation Ally

This post is for the parents searching for the secret sauce their student needs to succeed in the workforce. The transition from college to career is one that warrants a whole new toolset. Elevation Ally can provide an entire workshop full of tools that your daughter will pull out for the rest of her life.

As the premier career consulting agency for emerging women, Elevation Ally will guide your daughter on how to build her dream career from the foundation up. Here is just one example, straight from a parent on her experience with Elevation Ally.

Q: Please introduce yourself and describe your relationship with Elevation Ally.

A: My daughter, Samantha (Sammy), instantly bonded with Arlena, Career Consultant and Founder of Elevation Ally. Sammy started working with Elevation Ally during second semester of her junior year. Arlena coached Sammy in pursuits of a summer internship and her fulltime job post college.

Q: What were you hoping for when your child started working with Elevation Ally?

A: Initially I was hoping Arlena would help Sammy with her resume and thus help her land a summer internship. Then, Sammy continued working with Arlena and she helped her secure a permanent job, which she will start after graduation.

Q: Tell us about the impact this coaching has had on your daughter. Why should parents

invest in career coaching with Elevation Ally?

A: While it seems easy to just go and get a job, we all know it is not easy at all. Elevation Ally helped Sammy better her resume, set firm goals, perfect her interviewing skills by practicing mock interviews, and gave her suggestions on proper wording for both thank you and follow up letters.

Arlena also helped Sammy keep a positive attitude during the process. Arlena even gave Sammy valuable suggestions that made her a “stand out” employee once she landed the internship. Although Sammy’s university has job listings, the assistance unfortunately stopped with that.

Q: How does Elevation Ally assist young women in growing both personally and professionally?

A: Sammy learned valuable skills that she now uses in her daily academic, social, and business life. I believe the experience with Elevation Ally really empowered Sammy – while she was getting great coaching, I watched her gain the confidence and courage needed to persevere through the process until she secured the job she desired.

Q: What impact has Arlena had on your daughter?

A: Sammy will be forever grateful to Arlena. Her coaching, her kindness, and her devotion to Sammy’s goals went above and beyond expectations. Not only did Sammy get a great summer internship, she secured a full-time job.

Arlena’s coaching didn’t stop with the job offer—she continued to coach Sammy on the art of negotiation. Sammy was able to get a better financial package. The art of negotiation is so important for young emerging women who are often too intimidated to ask for what they want and believe they are worth. Arlena has paved the way on this!

Q: Describe Elevation Ally in a short sentence.

A: Elevation Ally is more than an avenue to help emerging young women get an internship or a job. You will receive excellent coaching on valuable skills that you will use in all facets of your life. It is so worthwhile, and the money spent will come back to you tenfold.


Arlena Jackson, MBA is an international career consultant, writer, keynote speaker and leadership trainer dedicated to the advancement of emerging young women worldwide. Considered the “career whisper” for early career professionals and emerging leaders, Arlena founded Elevation Ally after spending nearly 20 years in various executive roles where she led global communications teams with IBM, NASA, Emerson and Salesforce in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Arlena is a sought-after keynote speaker, workshop presenter and panelists with high schools, universities and companies on careers, leadership, women at work and success in the workplace. For more information, email info@elevationally.com and connect with Arlena on TwitterFBLinkedIn and Instagram.